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Make it individual, do you know what your people need?

Does your employee experience deliver on your customer experience?

There are five key things to think about when defining your employee experience.  Each week we will go into detail on one area.

  1. Purpose, why are we all here?
  2. Alignment, make it the programme
  3. Make it individual, do you know what your people need?
  4. Communicate & get your people involved
  5. Manageable goals, little things make a bit difference

Last week we looked Alignment, make it the programme. This week it’s all about making it individual.

  1. Make it individual, do you know what your people need?

There is a temptation to think you know the answers, to think that this one thing or several things will make everything better.  And whilst this is true to a certain extent, for example having a better way for candidates to apply to your organisation, it will not cover everything or get to the real issues.

Your people essentially want to be listened to, to be understood and have a role to play in creating the employee experience, to tell you what means the most to them and what will make a difference day to day.

Your employee experience needs to deliver on your company mission, your brand, values and customer experience, but meaning comes when you allow flexibility and choice to make it individual. 

With the largest span of generations in the workforce, the number of years you work and the number of jobs you have increasing, the experience your employees have at your organisation is even more important. Make it a great one, however long they are with you.  Make them a lifelong advocate, customer and supporter with great memories and with the potential to return.

Get in touch to find out how to make your employee experience individual, using a variety of tools to really know what your people want and need.

Next week: Communicate & get your people involved

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