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Does your employee experience deliver on your customer experience?

Think about your company’s best customer experience, how it made them feel, how it made them loyal and trusting and ultimately wanted to continue to buy from you and be open to buying more. It is well documented that customers are more engaged and loyal to your brand and products when they have a great customer experience. Think about the last time you went to a restaurant, would you go back if you didn’t enjoy not just the food, but the service, the environment… every part of the experience?

So, why wouldn’t you want your people also to have the best experience?  Just as you provide value to your customers, you need to also provide value to your people. Your employees whether directly or indirectly are all there for, and contribute to your customer experience.

There are five key things to think about when defining your employee experience. Each week we will go into detail on one area.

1. Purpose, why are we all here?

2. Alignment, make it the programme

3. Make it individual, do you know what your people need?

4. Communicate & get your people involved

5. Manageable goals, little things make a bit difference

Let’s start with looking at why we are all here.

1.      Purpose, why are we all here?

What is your organisations purpose? Do you have a Company Mission? In essence it should explain why you to your customers, employees and shareholders. It sets your company direction, brand, and culture, product development and defines what sets you apart from others. It should also shape your customer experience and your employee experience.

It is understandable, can it easily be explained? If you asked one of your employees, could they tell you? If you don’t set out your company’s purpose then how do your people know why and what they are part of, what they are working for and what success looks like?

It is essential for each individual to know why and what they contribute to the company’s success, to be part of something real, to be invested and committed to your organisation.

But what about your people? What is your People Mission? How do you explain why you and what your company does for its people? What should they expect from you both now and in the future? What do they need to do, what should they commit to?

Your employee experience should deliver on your customer experience. The two are inexplicably linked. Without defining your employee experience you are putting at risk your customer experience.

If you need help defining your customer experience, employee experience or want to know how to start, get in touch. We can also help you define what your goals are, what support you need and who to get it from.

Next week, Alignment, make it the programme.

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