Our Approach

When you employ a new member of staff you not only take on experience, you also take on potential. How you encourage, support and inspire that potential depends entirely on your company ethos. This needs to be clearly defined – through your People Mission statement – and brought to life through your day to day People Experience.

The People Experience will not only help you to get clear on your People Mission and your People Experience, but will walk you through step by step using our unique framework, first considering what needs to be in place to build a great people experience and then how this is achieved.

We will align with your business strategy, ensuring your People Mission and People Experience delivers on your ambitions and reflects your culture and values.   We will use a variety of flexible solutions from one off consultancy to a full programme of activities.

We will break this down into manageable goals, working with you and your existing processes to set up short term achievable outcomes, medium term objectives and a long term strategy with clear measures for each action.

The People Experience works with you

Our sole mission is to work in partnership with you to deliver a commercial, tailored and impactful solution.  Together, we will get clear on the business and people goals, objectives and timescales, talking and walking it through.  We will then undertake a range of diagnostics and agree on a tailored solution aligned to your goals which prioritises the quick wins whilst identifying medium and long term actions.

The People Experience will provide you with a completely refreshed people agenda, supported by a series of actions and activities seated in the experience you want your employees to have.  This includes:

  • A defined People Mission and People Experience giving you teams of people who are involved and engaged going forward.
  • A business aligned to your mission, strategy and goals which everyone understands and is committed to.
  • A series of practical ways to monitor and evaluate your People Experience.
  • Structured working processes and ways to deliver your People Experience, engaging all employees throughout their working experience.
  • Effective ways to set and manage expectations, ensuring your people are involved.
  • New approaches to monitor and manage business and people performance.

We will also continue to support these activities and deliverables by ongoing engagement as required.

From beginning to end, you will find our approach pragmatic and honest, reflecting how we are passionate about making a positive difference for you and your people.

We have designed and developed a methodology that gives structure and focus, shaping your People Experience and allowing you to measure the impact of the solution.