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Alignment, make it THE programme

Does your employee experience deliver on your customer experience?

There are five key things to think about when defining your employee experience.  Each week we will go into detail on one area.

  1. Purpose, why are we all here?
  2. Alignment, make it the programme
  3. Make it individual, do you know what your people need?
  4. Communicate & get your people involved
  5. Manageable goals, little things make a bit difference

Last week we looked Purpose, why are we all here? This week it’s all about alignment.

  1. Alignment, make it the programme

When starting to look at your employee experience it is easy to see it as another programme, something in addition to what you have already.  Another activity to add to the list of your already potentially long list of objectives or actions you have.

The important thing to remember is that your employee experience is the programme.  It is the guide to which all the others deliver on, where all roads lead back to, when updating, changing or defining new processes, systems and tools.  Once you define your employee experience you then you can use this to shape all of your other employee processes, activities and communication.  This will also guide your recruitment experience, ensuring it matches the employee experience and that you have external and internal alignment.

Your employee experience needs to deliver on your company mission, your brand, values and customer experience. You need to demonstrate to your customers and employees that you have an aligned approach, that each element of what makes your organisation different and compelling comes together to deliver the best service, product and experience.

Get in touch to find out how to gain alignment, to explain clearly to your employees, customers and stakeholders how all of the foundations of your organisation come together to deliver on your goals.

Next week: Make it individual, do you know what your people need?

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